Family Mission Trip

On March 2nd,  the first of a 56 member team headed to Greenville, SC to prepare for the annual Family Mission Trip. While there, the mission team will work at a Child’s Haven child care center. The center is a place for children in the lower income community of Greenville to get important tutoring, mentoring, and a warm dinner. While there, the team will clean, make playdoh, paint, perform light construction, and computer work.

In preparation for the trip, the team fund raised by hosting a chili cook-off. On February 26th they hosted a training session to prepare for their trip.

This trip will be a wonderful entry point for families at Smoke Rise to begin experiencing missions outside of the congregation’s walls.

Please be in prayer for the Moores, Jowers, Collivers, McNiels, Gunters, Tankersleys, Smiths, Edmonds, Newcomb-Thompsons, Smiths, Burtons, Georges, Lees, and Caswell-Speight as they serve in Greenville, SC March 3rd-5th

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