Journeys (Wed PM Program)

Journeys 2017 Session 1

Journeys ArtworkLove God/Love Neighbor:  The intersection of religion and community in a diverse world

In today’s world, it is vital that we learn about and engage with people of other faith traditions.  At Smoke Rise we are committed to interfaith study and dialogue.   We begin this quarter with an overview of the two Abrahamic Religions led by Dr. Rob Nash.  Then we hear from actual practitioners of these faith traditions.  Our neighboring city of Clarkston is a community  of many nationalities, languages, and religions, including one of the largest refugee communities in the country.  We will learn more about the city and the refugee mission we are now supporting.


Jan. 11: The Abrahamic Religions:  An overview of Judaism, led by Dr. Rob Nash, Professor of Missions and World Religions at McAfee School of Theology

Jan. 18: The Abrahamic Religions:  An overview of Islam, led by Dr. Rob Nash

Jan. 25: My Jewish Faith Tradition:  Rabbi Ronald Bluming

Feb. 1: My Islamic Faith Tradition:  Omer and Hasan Kamal

Feb. 8: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?  Led by Dr. Fisher Humphreys, Professor of Divinity Emeritus, Samford University

Feb. 15: “Friends of Refugees,” Mission in Clarkston, Susan McDaniel, Director

Feb. 22: Clarkston:  “The Most Diverse Square Mile in America”, Mayor Edward Terry

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