Journeys (Wed PM Program)

Journeys 2016 – Session 4

journeys-artworkWednesdays at 6 pm

Pastor’s Bible Study
Wednesdays through November 30th in Fellowship Hall
The Gospel of Mark continues with Chris George and Bart McNiel.

How The Devil Got Into The Garden of Eden
October 12th;Room 223
Led by Dr. Page Fulgham

“In the beginning…” is how it all started, so we are told.  There was God, Adam, and Eve, and the serpent.  But where is Satan?  Not to be found in the Garden of Eden!  So, how did Satan find his way into the Garden in the last 500-600 years? What was the influence of Dante’s Divine Comedy and John Milton on the biblical understanding of evil, particularly, Satan?  Come join us for a one session study as we delve into the origins of Satan and what the Bible really has to say about it. 

Preparing for Advent
November 2nd and 9th; Parlor
Led by Kathy Dobbins

Instead of starting off the season of Advent in the frenzy that has become synonymous with our culture, consider a different approach to this special time of year.  We will use these two sessions to gracefully enter the season of Advent with art, music, poetry, readings and time proven spiritual practices that reorient us to the presence of Christ.  

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