Touching Our Community with Hope and Grace

terry-ellisLast year our church dared to dream a new dream, adopting a budget with new initiatives meant to connect with our community. Each of our ministry areas has a dream that we hope will make this happen. Our dream in our Spiritual Formation/Educational ministry is to host conference weekends or events, inviting an engaging author or speaker who could attract an audience we might not otherwise reach. One of the first ways we have done that is through the addiction and grace seminar led by Dr. Terry Ellis on September 18th. The fellowship hall was filled with over 130 people from our congregation and the community. They came to learn, to support someone who is struggling, and perhaps to seek help for their own addiction. Dr. Ellis talked about the dynamics of addiction as a disease but gave people the hope that help and healing was available. He, along with Whitney Jones, an addiction specialist in the Atlanta area, were able to answer many questions, and offer their services for support.

You told us that our focus should be on our community. The addiction and grace seminar was just the beginning of the dream projects you will see happening at Smoke Rise because of your vision beyond these walls and your generosity. Thank you Smoke Rise for having the courage to dream again and to reach into our community with God’s love.

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