5th Quarters are Happening!

5th-quarterThe dream of students filing into the gym on Friday nights for 5th Quarter has become a reality. Students have shown up in their Hawaiian outfits, retro 80’s clothing, and camouflage to go along with the themes. Football has been played, basketballs bounced, ping-pong balls flown through the air, students have jumped and bounced on the inflatables, and photos have been taken in the photobooth. Soft drinks have been consumed, pizza has been eaten, and candy wrappers on the floor reveal the carnage of teens hanging out and having fun.

Though all of this has been a blast, the dream of new students being introduced to how Smoke Rise Baptist Church cares for students has been realized as well. There have been students who have stepped through our doors for the first time who were met by smiling faces that had no other agenda than to care for them. While you may be at home asleep at midnight on a Friday night, your presence is still being felt by teenagers from across the community here at Smoke Rise. Thank you for dreaming with us so our 5th Quarter could become a reality.

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