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5th Quarters on Friday Nights


Friday nights in the Fall are filled with tailgates, touchdowns, and teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs for their team. The grills get going in the parking lots as people file into the stadium. The first whistle is blown and the ball is kicked off. The bands play the fight-song and march at halftime. Cheers are led by the cheerleaders and echoed in the stands. You can hear the roars outside the stadium as touchdowns are scored and big plays happen.  


And then it is all over and the lights go out. Now what to do?
Starting September 23rd, and every Friday night until October 28th, Smoke Rise will be the “What to do?” after the game is over and the lights go out. We’ll be hosting a series of 5th Quarters for teenagers from around the area. There will be food to be eaten, games to be won, movies to be watched, inflatables to be bounced on, and love to be shared. It is one of the ways that Smoke Rise is reaching into the community to be a good neighbor as we provide a safe place for students to be together on Friday nights.  

There are three things that you can do for us, even if being in a room full of teenagers sounds overwhelming to you:  

1) pray for the teenagers that will be entering our space,  
2) pass out one of the flyers that will be on your Wednesday night table, and
3) bring a dessert to the office for our teenagers to consume one Friday night.

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