Smoke Rise Baptist Funeral Guidelines

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Smoke Rise Baptist Funeral Guidelines brochure, which was prepared by the Associate Pastor’s office with input from the entire ministerial team. Copies of the brochure are available at the various information stations throughout the church. The brochure is designed to help loved ones navigate the process of planning and preparing for a funeral at Smoke Rise. The brochure includes details about the policies, procedures, and kinds of services Smoke Rise offers, as well as an outline of standard fees and suggested honorariums. The brochure also reviews all aspects that families should consider and discuss with the church and its ministry team when preparing for a funeral. When a loved one passes, funeral preparations can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We hope that this resource helps to ease the burden on families during a time of loss. The brochure will also be on file with local funeral homes to help answer questions and improve communication with the church. Publication of the new brochure is just one part of a larger ministry at Smoke Rise to its members and others during a time of loss. The Smoke Rise Bereavement Team is actively working to improve our ministry to the bereaved, not only in the days surrounding an immediate loss or a funeral, but also in the days, months, and years that will follow. Under the leadership of the Bereavement Team Chair, Carolyn Springston, in coordination with our Associate Pastor, Rev. Bart McNiel, the bereavement team hopes to strengthen and expand its work with bereaved persons and families. Please pray for this vital and growing ministry at Smoke Rise. Anyone interested in working with the Bereavement Team should contact Mrs. Springston or Rev. McNiel.

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