Burmese Congregation Mission and Partnership Opportunity

The Matupi Christian Baptist Church is a congregation formed by Burmese refugees, many of whom live near Smoke Rise Baptist Church.  For many years, the Matupi church has been using worship space at Decatur First Baptist for worship.  The Matupi congregation has a good relations hip with First Decatur but has a strong desire to gather for worship closer to the communities where its members live.  To that end, the ministry and missions staff at Smoke Rise Baptist Church was approached by the Pastor of the Matupi congregation, Rev. Born Thang, in cooperation with the Metro Atlanta Baptist Association, to discuss the possibility of a Covenant Agreement with Smoke Rise to use our Chapel for Sunday afternoon worship services and to use a classroom behind the chapel for Saturday morning language classes for children.  After researching the request as a mission partnership opportunity, the proposed Covenant Agreement between the Matupi Church and Smoke Rise was presented to the deacons.  Upon unanimous affirmation of the deacons, a proposed Covenant Agreement will come before the Church in Conference on September 11, 2016 for a vote.  Join us for the Church in Conference to learn more about this exciting opportunity to partner with Burmese brothers and sisters in Christ.

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