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Reflections of New York Mission Trip

Reflections on New York 2By Carol Garner

After 6-7 years of not going on the NYC mission trip, I decided it was time for me to step back in and do this trip again. It was just the right thing to do! I was assigned to work at Metro Baptist Church in Manhattan. As we gathered for worship on Sunday morning, in some ways it was very much like SRBC (after all they are Baptist) and in some ways it was very different. It’s just different when your church is in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan. As I sat in my chair and looked over the order of service, I was so excited about seeing the final hymn would be “They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love” because Pastor Chris had just called on SRBC to show our love to the BP gas station on that same Sunday. Little did I know SRBC would be singing that hymn in 11:00 worship and we were all probably singing it at the same time! God is in the details.

Reflecting on the week: Isn’t the reason we do missions to show God’s love? That was my goal with those precious children at day camp. Here’s how we know they know we love them and they love us. One child told one of our youth that she was like a big sister to him. Another child told one of our adults that she was like a mother to her. On the last day of camp when we were at the playground in the morning, I reminded some of the girls that it was party day and hoped that they were excited about it. One of the girls said she wasn’t excited and I asked why. She said, “Because it means it’s the last day you will be here and I don’t want you to go home!” Yes, they will know we are Christians by our love.

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