Journeys (Wed PM Program)

Journeys Fall 2016 – Session 2 Wednesdays at 6 pm

Journeys ArtworkPastor’s Bible Study
Wednesdays through December 7th in Fellowship Hall
The Gospel of Mark with Chris George and Bart Mc

Everything I Need You To Know When I Die
September 7th in Room 223; Led by Dr. Page Fulgham

“One day I am going to die, and that’s for certain!”  Let that sink in and answer these questions:  Have I done everything I need to do to help my family know about my affairs?  Do I have a legal will for the State of Georgia?  Does my executor know where my important papers are located?  What about my funeral
arrangements?  The answer to these and many other important questions will be addressed at our session, “Everything I Need You to Know When I Die!”

Gardening Tips: Using Native Plants in the Landscape
Sept.14th; Room 223
Led by Master Gardener, Bill Roper

Help for Better Hearing
September 21st; Library

Learn more about the causes of hearing loss and what can be done about it from John Schellman, a specialist with the NUEAR Hearing Center in Tucker.  John will be doing free hearing screenings beginning at 4:00 pm in the Library.

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