Journeys (Wed PM Program) / Spiritual Formation

Journeys Fall 2016 – Session 1 ~ Wednesdays at 6 pm

Journeys ArtworkPastors’ Bible Study

 The Gospel of Mark is the earliest (and most concise) of the four canonical Gospels. In this 16-week study, we will discover the richness and spiritually challenging layers of the first gospel. As we learn to read the gospel through the theological lens of its writer, we will be rediscovering timeless truths about the mission and message of Jesus, as well as our calling to be disciples. Through careful reading of the text and a better understanding of context, we will become more than surface readers of the gospel and discover new ways to embrace God’s word for us today.

Chris George and Bart McNiel will lead us through a 14-week study of The Gospel of Mark on Wednesdays, beginning August 17 through December 7 in the Fellowship Hall.

The Divine Word: Listening for God’s Voice in Poetry and Scripture

My soul thirsts for God, the Living God.  When can I go and meet with God? – Psalm 42:2

You are invited to join in a thoughtful way to practice listening for the ways God speaks to us within this fast-paced world.  We will find space to meet with God together as we read and reflect on poems and scripture.

Alexis Weaver will lead us through this three-week session, August 17th, 24th, and 31st, in Room 223.

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