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Refresh Projects Have Begun

Laura 413In our Refresh Campaign of Restoration and Renewal, Smoke Rise members have pledged over $1,340,000. Already, we have collected more than $400,000 toward our goal of $1,850,000.

The Building and Grounds Committee has been tasked with prioritizing projects and beginning work around our church campus. With the money already received, we are taking the first steps in making much needed repairs and updates.

Work has begun in preparing for the outdoor playground/recreation area.  We have not only already started the work, but we have found simple ways to reap significant savings. We had planned to pay to remove the fencing, netting, and scoreboard around the field. However, with the help of a thoughtful church member, we found people in the community to complete these tasks at NO cost to the church, saving us thousands of dollars. The playground will be installed the last week in July. The work on the outdoor bathrooms has begun. On these projects, church members will share their time and talents to complete the task and limit the cost.

We have already taken steps to address the air conditioner failure by repairing the chiller for these warm summer days. In the next few weeks you will notice a restoration of our steeple and stucco. All of these repairs and updates are being paid for by the Refresh money already received. We will not do any of the work until we have the money available.

The Building and Grounds Committee pledges to our congregation that we will get multiple bids. Projects that can be done by volunteers will be. Thank you for your generosity to Refresh and for being forward-thinking as we take care of improvements and much needed repairs in and around our buildings.

Carol Ann Fulgham

Building Chair

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