Smoke Rise’s New York and Tijuana Mission Teams

Smoke Rise’s New York and Tijuana Mission Teams left Atlanta for their respective fields of service on Saturday, July 16th. They return home on Saturday, July 23rd. As you have prayed for them as they ministered to children through Day Camps in both locations and distributed food and clean water in Tijuana to the neighborhood, pray for safe passage as they return!

 Tijuana  New York
New York Team
Tim Adcox
Neal Barton
Angela Carswell
Chris Chandler
Will Chandler
Jeremy Colliver
Mike Danishek
Jeffery Dice
Graham Felton
Lynne Felton
Carol Garner
Joel Harrison
Georgianne Harrison
Kharis Idom
Cody Kicklighter
Katie Kicklighter
Jessie Madden
Kayla Marks
Megan Marks
Todd Marks
Whitney Marks
Jordan Pacheco
Kristin Painter
Sarah Parker
BethAnne Van de Voort
Tim Adcox
Amy Allison
Chris Allison
Karen Bates
Charlene Echols
Wilson Echols
Gary Prophitt
Margaret-Anne Prophitt
Abigail Roberson
Alex Roberson
Hannah Roberson
Fernando Uribe, Jr.
Roy Vreeland
Ashley Wood
Lynn Wood

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