On the Road Again


Pastors Choice Award

It’s a bright sunny Saturday morning.  The smell of barbeque is in the air.  Chuck Berry provides a backdrop with the rumble of a 400 cubic inch ’68 Sting Ray and the “chitty-chitty-bang-bang” of a Model T pulling into the parking lot.  Each brings back memories.  70 amazing vehicles gathered in the Smoke Rise parking lot, including several ’57 Chevys, a baby blue ‘54 Cadillac (too large to fit in any garage), an ‘80’s vintage NYC fire truck, a racing Porche and a BMW super car.

car3Our appreciation goes to all of the wonderful volunteers who contributed to this great community outreach.  Special thanks to Joel and Marcia Price who did an excellent job of organizing this 16th Annual Car Show, to Wendell Tudor, who worked tirelessly to photograph each participant and to Jim Myrick, who handcrafted the 27 awards presented on that day.  Thanks also go out to all of the Circle ladies who baked cookies and cake to top off the delicious lunch provided by the DeForest family


Peoples Choice Award


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