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Where Are They Now? with Kristy Bay

Kristy Ba-smy

  1. When did you serve at Smoke Rise? I was at Smoke Rise from 2008-2010


  1. In what ministry/ministries did you serve? I was the Interim Minister to Families with Youth and then the Associate Minister to Families with Youth. I sang in the choir, the youth choir, worked with a youth band, was the lead song/dance leader at VBS, went on a couple of mission trips, lead Bible studies, and more!


  1. What was your favorite memory of Smoke Rise? I have a lot of great memories at Smoke Rise… from going on Youth Choir tours, to D-Now weekends, to a mission trip in Tijuana, Mexico, to World Changers/Kingdom Builders, to Big Stuff with middle schoolers, to the ordinary parts of life with students…dance recitals, band concerts, coffee chats, and just living life together… all these are memories I treasure.


  1. What is something you learned while serving at Smoke Rise that you have carried over in your ministry? Smoke Rise gave me the gift of lasting relationships with students and colleagues… I am still in touch with a few students, and love watching them grow up and into the potential they had back in middle school! I also cemented some wonderful relationships with fellow staff members that continue to be a part of my life and ministry. Because Smoke Rise was the first full-time youth ministry position I ever had, it also gave me the gift of affirmation…that youth ministry was indeed my calling!


  1. Where are you serving now? I work at Lincoln Memorial University where I work in Academic Affairs, teach religion classes, and teach a Freshman orientation seminar. I also serve as a volunteer Youth minister at FBC Middlesboro, KY where my husband is the Senior pastor. I continue to travel to preach and lead youth retreats around the south, as well.


  1. Is there anything else you would like to share with Smoke Rise? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to dig into my calling and affirm that student ministry is indeed where my passion lies. Thank you for trusting me with your students, and allowing them to minister to me over the years…even beyond my time at Smoke Rise!

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