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Gratitude and Appreciation

As we prepare to welcome Rev. Bart McNiel as our new Associate Pastor at Smoke Rise, we need to pause and express our sincere appreciation to the Rev. Page Fulgham. Since Ernie Forrester’s departure in October 2015, Page has been serving as the Interim Minister of Congregation Care. While he accepted this position at 10 hours per week, he has consistently exceeded his hours and all expectations. Page has gone the extra mile to visit with our members in hospitals, our homebound members, and those who are in assisted care facilities. He has been a source of great encouragement not only to our members, but also to our church staff. He has graciously shared his wisdom gained from his many years of experience as a minister. His sense of humor has brought a smile to so many faces and his words of comfort have brought peace to many different situations.  We are so grateful for the ministry of Rev. Page Fulgham among us during this time of transition and thankful that he will continue to minister among us as a committed Sunday School teacher, layperson, and leader in our congregation.  We also want to express appreciation to Page’s wife, Carol Ann, for her support and assistance.  She has been a wonderful partner in this ministry.

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