GAP Trip

A trip to the God’s Appalachia Partnership (GAP) is always a unique experience. Good food, great times of fellowship sitting on the front porch of the lodge rocking away in the evening. The calmness of the evening and the chirping of the tree frogs is occasionally interrupted by the sounds of a four wheeler making its way up the holler. The “porch time” is where friendships are made and is where we share in devotions. This trip had some new team members and they added greatly to the group.  Our team worked together renovating the house that the new staff members of GAP will occupy. For over a year John Morris, the Gap executive director, has been doing two jobs. He has had to be the Project Site Coordinator and the Executive Director. In a few weeks he will bring on new staff to fill the Project Coordinator role.


The GAP provides food household supplies to locals once a month and during the distribution time provides a lunch for their clients. Our men spent relational time with them and provided a hot dog lunch. The GAP staff feels it is very important to develop relationships with the people they serve in addition to providing for their physical needs.


The population continues to decline in this area due the lack of jobs. The drug problem is very bad in this area; this county has one of the highest overdose rates in the state.  Please pray for John and his new staff as they seek to minister to the people of Appalachia.

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