Refresh Update

Refresh-resizedWe are now two months into Refresh, a Campaign of Restoration and Renewal.  I am pleased to report that we have received a total of 229 pledges totaling $1,340,000, more than 70% of our $1,850,000 goal. Smoke Rise members have committed to give above and beyond their tithe in support of these wonderful projects that will equip us to do meaningful ministry in the present and the future.

While we may not have fully reached our pledge goal, we are confident that we will still be able to complete most of the projects outlined in the campaign. $388,000 has already been given, so you will soon see work begin on some of the most pressing projects like the exterior stucco repair work and the playground project. The Building and Grounds Committee is committed to being good stewards of our resources, not only of the financial gifts given, but also of the time and talents within our congregation.

If you have not submitted your Refresh card, we invite you to share in this campaign and move us closer to meeting our goal. Some people who have pledged may be led to give above and beyond their pledge as God blesses them financially in the next three years.

Smoke Rise Baptist Church has a great heritage of ministering to the community and a bright future to continue that ministry for generations to come.  Thank you all for your generosity as we work together toward that future.

Chris Raffield
Refresh Campaign Co-Chair

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