Children / Weekday School

Wonderful Wednesday – Wednesdays at 6pm in June

Download the flyer in PDF format
June 1st – Water Works
Come join your friends for a fun evening of sprinklers, waterslides, and bubbles on the ball field! We will have a picnic on the lawn so bring a picnic side item, towels, and clothes to get drenched in!

 June 8th – Movie Night
It’s a night for movies under the stars! We will watch the newly released Zootopia and eat pizza from Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe. Please bring lawn chairs, blanket, and a donation to help cover the cost of pizza.

June 15th – Missions Night
Join us for a night of service. We will work and play in the gym This will be a wonderful time to come out and share your love of God as a family. Please bring a non perishable food item and a donation to go toward the cost of dinner.

 June 22nd – Bikes and Trikes Night
Meet in the parking lot by the nursery entrance. We will have picnic tables set up in the shaded area and race tracks set up in the parking lot. Bring your bikes, trikes, and join the fun! We will ride, scoot, and glide the night away. Each family is asked to bring a side to contribute to the picnic.

June 29th – Kids’ Cooking Class
Led by chefs Blaine and Molly and their Sous Chef Laura Colliver, this evening will be a night of creativity and cooking fun. Bring a bowl, a spoon, measuring cups, and a donation to go toward the cost of dinner.

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