Where Are They Now?

Chris CherryAt Smoke Rise we learn. One of the ways that we cultivate learning is through the interns and ministry associates that serve here. Our interns teach us and keep our thoughts fresh while they have a place where they can learn and minister while in seminary. Smoke Rise has a rich history of ministers who have served here and interns who have learned here. Over the next several months we’re going to highlight some of our former interns and share where they are in ministry now.

First up, Chris Cherry. Chris served at Smoke Rise from October 2010 through May 2013 in the Youth, Children, and Recreation Ministry. He served at St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, SC before serving in his current ministry position at Middletown Christian Church in his native Louisville, KY.

Here are some of the Chris’ memories from serving at Smoke Rise:

What was your favorite memory of Smoke Rise:

“I loved getting to work with the youth for those 3 school years. They were all so different brought unique skills and passions to the table. It was awesome to learn from them, lead them, and build relationships with them. I’ll also never forget Tory and I hanging out with a great small group of middle schoolers (now they’re old!) at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World on New Years’ Eve with a billion other people everywhere! I think Alex and Watson road Splash Mountain 10 times that day!”

What did you learn from serving at Smoke Rise that has carried over in your ministry:

“I learned a lot from Smoke Rise. I really benefitted from some mentoring by Dr. Rob Nash and Dr. Allen Walworth during the pastoral interim. I’m grateful to Rev. Carra Hughes Greer for trusting me with a lot of responsibility and allowing me freedom to explore. I still do Theater and Theology, an annual celebration at the start of a new school year, and find creative ways to do promotions for events—all things I learned from Carra. I also learned how to relate to and delegate to the interns who work for our ministry now.”

What else would you like to share with the Smoke Rise family:

“I look back to my years at Smoke Rise with great memories. My wife and I cultivated our relationship and learned in leadership roles there, we got engaged on the church’s campus, and we were later married there. Smoke Rise Baptist Church ordained me to Christian ministry and I will never forget the love and grace shown to me during that time. Smoke Rise took me in while I was at McAfee, loved me, and helped me grow. I was given a place to safely practice skills I was developing, and I was sent off with the support of a church I consider family. Thank you for your love, your patience, and for trusting me to play some kind of role in the lives of your youth. I will never forget Smoke Rise Baptist Church.”

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