From Rev. Bart McNiel

McNieljpgDear Smoke Rise Family of Faith,

Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and support you extended to me and my family last week. We are humbled and honored to be joining you on mission for Christ.

We were especially moved by worship on Sunday when we celebrated Baptism and Communion with you. As the Choir began singing one of our favorite anthems, I looked to my wife, Stacey, and words were not necessary. We immediately felt at home.

I am excited for the days ahead and ready to start work as your Associate Pastor. With the Spirit’s guidance, I am confident that the new relationship we are entering into will flourish and advance the work of God’s Kingdom at Smoke Rise and beyond.

I will remain in prayer for you all during our time of transition. I also covet your continued prayers as our family is saying goodbye to friends in Virginia and preparing to greet new friends in Georgia. We will be making more than one trip over the next several weeks and will settle into our new home next month. My first official Sunday at Smoke Rise will be June 19.

I remain in close contact with Dr. George as I prepare to begin working with the ministry team that serves at Smoke Rise. I look forward to getting to know everyone better and to ministering to you and alongside you.

In God’s Peace,
Rev. Bart McNiel

One thought on “From Rev. Bart McNiel

  1. I have been in the hospital with emergency surgery, therefore I was not able to attend the reception for you and unable to meet you and your family. However, know you are welcomed with open arms. I like everything I’ve heard.
    When you get settled and I recover we’ll get better acquainted.
    God bless,
    Sandra Ethridge

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