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10th Anniversary of Danny Vancil as Minister of Music

danny-profileOn Sunday, May 1st, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Danny Vancil as Minister of Music at Smoke Rise Baptist Church. We are fortunate, indeed blessed, to have this congenial, servant minister as part of our outstanding staff.

Through the years, Danny has endeared himself to those involved in the music ministry and to the entire congregation. He is one of those rare people who seem to effortlessly relate to all age groups. With his wonderful sense of humor, he makes rehearsals fun for our children, youth, and adults, and has nurtured them to appreciate and perform excellent sacred music. In addition, each week, our church engages in meaningful corporate worship planned and coordinated by him. His service has had a profound spiritual impact on our membership and community.

As we have observed Danny through his stroke and recovery, we have all been amazed at his courage and determination to improve his health and continue his ministry.

We thank God for Danny Vancil and his ministry these past ten years. We also pray for God’s continued blessings on him and his ministry as he continues to serve here at Smoke Rise.

Written  by: Mike Holt
On behalf of the Sanctuary Choir and the Smoke Rise Congregation

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