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Mission Partnerships at Work

A Tractor for Children in Uganda

The African Children’s Mission (ACM) in Uganda, one of our mission partnerships, feeds about 3,000 school children each day at 8 different locations.  This huge need requires ACM to grow its own food.  In May of 2015, Smoke Rise sent $5,000 to ACM toward the purchase of a much needed tractor for farming.  ACM raised the remaining $20,000 and now owns its own tractor.
This tractor, along with the vegetable seeds you packed on Mission Sunday in October, will benefit the Ugandan children who are in school at the African Children’s Mission.  As more food is grown, more children will be fed at school, more schools can be added to their program, and the ACM ranch can provide food to families in the community.  Smoke Rise is sowing seeds around the world!  Wilson Echols, Dick Pepper, and Elnor Melton, who serve on the ACM Board, thank you for your gift which will keep on giving to the children and families in Uganda.

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