Missions / Outreach

The Smoke Rise Family Mission Trip to the Frazee Center

By: John Newcomb-ThompsonIMG_1125 (2)

The Family Mission Trip has been a great way for us to introduce our young kids to the joy of helping others.  We have been very blessed by God, and it is a great opportunity for the kids to help others their own age, who may be in a less advantageous situation.   I have always believed that you lead by example, and there is no better way to do that, than to work alongside your kids in mission work. The Frazee Center was a great  place to learn that lesson.  They run about 140 kids through after school care and sports programs.  We worked with Bennett, a McAfee student, to help clean and organize his room where the kids read, play, and learn to help each other.   Whether we were vacuuming, wiping baseboards, or making glitter dough, the kids enjoyed their time helping others. It is also a great way to bond with other Smoke Rise Baptist Church families in living out our church motto: worship, learn, care, serve and give.

IMG_2562 (1)

IMG_2291.JPG (1)

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