Adults / Missions / Outreach


Smoke Rise will send a team to the village of Coyolito, Honduras March 5-12. The mission projects will include several aspects of ministry with the Honduran people. Our team will partner with HOI (Honduras Outreach) and Coyolito to build latrines, distribute water filters, provide Bibles to each of the 125 families in the village, replace dirt floors with cement floors, lead Bible school for the kindergarten, and make home prayer visits.

MotorcyclesThe Hondurans are becoming interested in starting businesses. A very special project for the team this year is to help build and begin a motorcycle repair shop. For the past two years our teams have trained business leaders in two villages to begin a micro business. In San Martin, the team helped train a group of ladies to begin a bakery. The year before in Santa Ana, they helped train a group of business leaders to run an egg business. These micro businesses allow us to work with the Hondurans to raise their standard of living and provide for their families. At the same time, this provides them with dignity through hard work.

Please pray for our team to travel safely and stay healthy as they share the love of Christ by working alongside the Honduran people.

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