Missions / Outreach

Family Mission Trip

Family Mission Trip picture 2.24.16On March 11th, the first of a 56 member team will head to Greenville, SC to prepare for the annual Family Mission Trip. While there, the mission team will work at the Frazee Center. The Center is a place for children in the lower income community of Greenville to get important tutoring, mentoring, and a warm dinner. While there, the team will clean, make playdoh, paint, perform light construction, and computer work.

In preparation for the trip, the team fund raised by hosting a chili cook-off. On February 28th they have invited a member of the Frazee Center to come and teach them about the area and the people that they are ministering to.

This trip will be a wonderful entry point for families at Smoke Rise to begin experiencing missions outside of the congregation’s walls.

Please be in prayer for the Smith, Moore, Caswell-Speight, George, Colliver, Bruce, Smith, Lee, Elliott, Edmonds, Newcomb-Thompson, Reed, Burton, Parker, and Pope families as they travel March 11th- 13th.

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