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Forty Days of Lent

fourty days
If you are like me, you did not grow up in a Baptist church that observed the season of Lent. In my small Illinois hometown, Lent was for the Catholics and the Lutherans (although, we did have fish every Friday in the school cafeteria). I cherish my church upbringing. I wouldn’t trade anything for the hymnody, Bible stories, and nurturing that I received at Anna Heights Baptist Church. I have learned, though, to embrace the rich traditions of other denominations and realize that they can add a meaningful and thoughtful richness to our worship.

Historically, the season of Lent, which spans a period of 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, has been observed as a time of self- denial, penitence, and fasting. While not legalistic in our approach, our church encourages this time as a season of personal reflection and introspection. Our Lenten worship services will include readings, messages, and music that will inspire and challenge us as we contemplate Christ’s place in our lives.

At Smoke Rise Baptist Church we commit to Worship, Learn, Care, Serve, and Give. You are encouraged to join in this holy season of Lent as we follow with our hearts and minds the stories of Jesus’ journey to the cross, as we sing, pray, and proclaim, as we minister to the needs of others, and as we are challenged to share our devotion and possessions.

Come, join us on this journey.

Danny Vancil
Minister of Music and Worship

You will notice that…part of what helps us mark time in the church year is the use of color during different seasons. Lent is represented by purple, a kingly or royal color. This is why purple was put on Jesus to mock him.

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