So Long, Farewell, We Hate to Say, “Good-Bye!”

Sizemores-24For the past two and half years, Abby and Justin Sizemore have served and worshiped alongside Smoke Rise Baptist Church. Justin has recently accepted the position of Youth Minister for Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Lynne Ginn, a member of the SRBC staff, and the SRBC youth wrote words expressing thanks and gratitude towards Abby and Justin.

To Abby:
From Lynne Ginn
For the past two years, Abby Sizemore has been the first person you see when you enter the Smoke Rise office. Those of us who work directly with Abby appreciate her welcoming smile and helpful attitude. She is a positive, sincere and caring person. She joined us with a cooperative nature and brought our office and staff a new and contagious energy. In addition to her work in the office, and her support of Justin and his work with the youth, Abby’s beautiful alto voice has made her a cherished member of the Sanctuary Choir. Abby has also served as a Deacon and has been an involved member of the Young Adult Sunday School Class. As Abby leaves us for new responsibilities, we know she will be a valuable asset to Justin’s ministry. We know also, that wherever Abby Sizemore goes, her sweet spirit will offer a ministry of her own. Thank you, Abby, for sharing your gifts, your talents and your sweet self with our staff and all of Smoke Rise!

To Justin:
From The Youth
“Thank you.” They are simple words that are sometimes overused and sometimes misused. There are times when they are the only words appropriate, as well. Justin, we want to say, “Thank you” for being, well, you. We wanted to write these words because tears may fill our eyes and we may not be able to say them to you in person. “Thank you” for sticking with us when it was hard and you questioned your place here. “Thank you” for walking beside us as we grew in our faith. “Thank you” for always seeing the best in us. “Thank you” for taking time for us when you had so many other things to do. “Thank you” for sharing Abby with us. “Thank you” for giving all of yourself to us over the past two-and-a-half years. We don’t want to see you leave, but we know that Calvary will be a better place with you there.

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