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Smoke Rise Baptist Leadership Academy

Circle_Logo_Wood_250At Smoke Rise, every member is a minister. Ministry takes place in a variety of ways both inside and outside of our building, in our community and world. Our desire is to equip the next generation of leaders and all those who serve in leadership roles at Smoke Rise, facilitating excellence and commitment to whatever we are called to do. The first pilot class of the Leadership Academy will begin in January of 2016. The Leadership Development Team and our ministerial staff have selected the adult participants for this process who will be asked to make a six-month commitment to the following sessions:

Session 1: Klesis : God’s Call and the Journey of Faith (2 sessions)
This session explores the nature of one’s calling and personality and vocational profiles.

Session 2: What is Leadership?
This session explores the nature of leadership and discovering your own leadership style.

Session 3: How Things Work at SRBC
In this session, we will look at how Smoke Rise is structured, how we operate, communicate and worship.

Session 4: Observation/Shadowing
Participants will have a general orientation to all ministries of the church, opportunity to shadow a deacon in their duties and attend one session of the following:
a. Deacon’s Meeting
b. Finance Meeting
c. Staff/Minister’s Meeting

Session 5: How to Make Things Happen
This session explores the implementation of new ideas and discovering the channels for moving an idea to fruition.

Session 6: Choosing Your Place of Service
In this final session, participants will be asked to consider the various service opportunities at Smoke Rise and how they would like to begin their leadership role.

Please be in prayer for the participants and leaders of this first class and the impact they will have on our church in future years.

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