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Introducing Valerie Coe Lowder, New Weekday School Director

ValerieOn Wednesday, December 9th, the Weekday School Director search committee voted unanimously to hire Valerie Coe Lowder as the 4th Weekday School Director in the School’s 42 year history. Many of you already know Valerie, who works in our preschool ministry, and many of her family members are members here at Smoke Rise Baptist. Most recently, Valerie has filled the interim position during our search process for the new Weekday School Director. As this process continued, the committee noticed that Alison Gibbs (Assistant Director) and Valerie made a dynamic Weekday School team. Together, they have set a new budget, created job descriptions and brought in Weekday School volunteers. They have also begun strengthening connections with the church, the Smoke Rise Community and surrounding accrediting agencies.

In early October, Valerie came to the committee to express her interest in the Director position at the Weekday School. Seeing the great work already happening, we accepted her resume with excitement. The skills that she brought to the interim were evident. We are sure Valerie will continue to build upon the wonderful foundation set in place by the previous directors of the Weekday School. We will welcome Valerie officially on January 24th during our 11am worship service.

2015 Weekday School Director Search Committee:
Pam Beard, Becky Caswell-Speight,
Charlie Loner, Joe Moore, & Marti Newcomb-Thompson

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