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Good News of Great Joy!

Wreath-for-Cross-TieBy Chris Allison
Stewardship Committee, Chair

God is great! I cannot count the amount of times I have thought or said this in the last six weeks as I watched the faithful members of Smoke Rise respond to God’s call. We set a goal of $502,000 for our end of the year emphasis and we have exceeded it. We are currently at $557,676, exceeding our goal by more than 10%. This is a wonderful achievement that should be celebrated! We are in a much better position to accomplish our ministry plan. More importantly, we have experienced the joy of coming together as a congregation to respond to God’s call. We have enjoyed the opportunity to grow spiritually through giving. What is amazing is that during this end of the year emphasis, we also exceeded our goal with the World Missions Offering and supported our mission partners through the Give More Store!

People brought sacrificial gifts. People gave beyond their tithes. People gave from hearts filled with joy, committing to touch and transform lives. What mattered was not the size of the gift, but rather the generosity in the heart of the giver. Two small boys gave a simple gift that I will always remember. Jose and Charlie Edmonds came to the church office on the final day of the year with their entire barrel of coins, $44.00 worth. It was a beautiful gift and powerful demonstration of faith that inspires us all. We are reminded that God is great and that fulfilling his work in our church and our community involves everyone.

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