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Bringing our Gifts, Changing the World: Brian Abner

BOG-CTW-Wk5Smoke Rise Baptist Church has been a part of my family’s life for many years. We have been blessed by all the church’s opportunities to serve, fellowship and grow in our faith. What does Smoke Rise mean to me? It has provided my family a place to participate with other believers. My kids went through the children’s ministry, youth ministry and both made their profession of faith within this community of believers. This church body has committed their resources to care for and nurture our kids. They remember those Sunday School teachers, ministers and mission trips which made a difference in their lives.

Martha and I have also been blessed with more opportunities to grow in our faith through serving on committees, participating in missions, enjoying fellowship and making friends while growing in our relationship with God. We cannot count the times this fellowship has expressed care and love in our times of need. Whether in times of sorrow, in times of crisis or times of joy, this body has always been a blessing to my family.

Being a part of Smoke Rise continues to enrich my family’s commitment to our faith in God and this church. We are privileged to be part of this congregation and take our role as members to heart. This is why we give our time, talents and offering so that others can be blessed as we have been through this unique fellowship of believers. As a member, giving of our resources is a critical part in supporting these wonderful ministries.

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