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Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness- Heather Huff

Heather HuffWhen I hear or see the word ‘Gentleness’, a particular image comes to my mind. The image is that of a mother and small child lovingly and adoringly looking at each other. I usually think of it in terms of the mother protecting and cherishing her gift from God in this small child.

Gentleness comes from a loving spirit. It is not hard to understand why a mother is gentle and loving toward her child. It is our natural instinct to protect and love our children. However, gentleness from God’s loving spirit helps us to show gentleness toward those who are often not so loveable. It enables us to demonstrate gentleness through our thoughts, words and actions.

Gentleness does not mean weakness. It does not mean that we are pushovers. It is actually strength. This gift from God helps us to communicate with others in a way that shows that God is working through us. Our love for our children does not mean we have to like everything that they do. God’s gift of gentleness lets us guide our children with love and respect. To be truly gentle, we need to do God’s will and let him work through us.

One of the wonderful things about God’s gifts such as gentleness, is that it encourages trust and breeds more gentleness and love. If we think back at the image of the mother and child, it is not only the mother showing gentleness but the child reaching out to touch the face of the loving parent. The results of our words and actions, both positively and negatively, last longer than a moment. They can last many lifetimes. We must teach our children and each other to show gentleness towards each other and to let God guide us through our days.

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