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Preschool, Children & Youth Dates

love-allDuring the season of Advent, we take the time to prepare ourselves for the coming Christ. There are a lot of different ways that people have historically done this, but this year at Smoke Rise we are taking time to worship fully, spend less, give more and love all. Below is a list of events that we invite you to attend so together we can turn Christmas upside down.

November 29th at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall: Family Advent Breakfast
We will spend the morning turning Christmas upside down in order to fully experience Christmas as it should be.

December 6th at 11am in the Sanctuary: Hanging of the Green
This will be a beautiful time to fully worship and celebrate the arrival of Jesus.

December 6th from 9am-1pm in the Welcome Center: Give More Store
Buy gifts for friends and family knowing that what you purchase is more than a gift for them. It will help the world.

December 6th at 7pm in the Sanctuary: “A Restless World, A Silent Night” Peter Mayer Concert
Join the whole church in enjoying the beautiful music of Peter Mayer.

December 9th at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall: Children’s Nativity
Watch as our Music Friends Choir (4 & 5-year-old choir) shares the story of Jesus’ birth.

December 13th at 9am in the Chapel and Room 210: Birthday Party for Jesus
Preschoolers will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a party. The Joy Makers Choir (3-year-old choir) will sing as a part of this celebration.

December 13th at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall: Advent Conspiracy Day
Families will go visit homebound members bringing along with them gifts and conversation.

December 16th at 5:45pm in the Welcome Center: Caroling
Families of all ages and sizes will visit local assisted living facilities to sing and bring holiday spirit to the residents.

December 18th at 6pm starting in the gym: Youth Progressive Dinner
The youth will take this time to eat, play and celebrate the birth of Christ together.

December 24th (Christmas Eve) at 5pm in the Sanctuary: Candlelight Service with a Family Focus
During this service, “Mary” will visit us to tell us what it was like to care for the infant Jesus.

December 24th (Christmas Eve) at 7pm in the Sanctuary: Candlelight Communion Service
During this service, we will celebrate the birth of Christ through communion.

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