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Advent Conspiracy: Pastor Chris


In 2006, five pastors dared to ask a dangerous question. “What if Christmas can still change the world?” The Christmas story is a story of love, hope, redemption and relationship. We are invited not only to read, but rather to write the story in our own lives by embracing four simple practices this Advent Season.

Spend Less—Spending less is not a call to stop giving gifts; it’s a call to stop spending so much money on gifts that no one really wants, needs or remembers. The gifts that we remember best are rarely those that were the most expensive.

Give More—Ironically, when we choose to spend less, we often discover that we can give more. The most powerful, memorable gift that you can give to someone is yourself—your time and your attention. We can choose to be thoughtful, relational and sacrificial this Christmas.

Worship Fully—Christmas is a season where we should put down our burdens and lift our hearts in songs of praise to God. We should run to the stable to celebrate the birth of the newborn baby.  Worship should do more than interrupt our Christmas schedule, it should inspire us.

Love All—Christmas is first and foremost about loving. A loving mother cradles her newborn baby. A loving God sends his only begotten son. We are called to love a neighbor in need. We are called to help the hurting, to remember the forgotten and to care for all people.

Christmas can change the world…if we enter the story.

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