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Letter from the Personnel Committee: Associate Pastor Search Committee Created

Smoke Rise Congregation,

Walt MartinIn the wake of Ernie Forrester’s resignation, the Personnel Committee met to accept his resignation, consider the pathway forward and unanimously agreed to create an Associate Pastor Search Committee. I am pleased to report that all those who were nominated to serve on the committee accepted this important responsibility with gratitude and humility. This committee is comprised of the following members:

Lynne Felton
Page Fulgham (Chair)
Lauren Gray
Marcia Griffith (Recording Secretary)
Mike Holt (Personnel Committee Liaison)
Jim Still (Vice Chair)
Laura Willis

The Strategic Vision Committee has affirmed the decision of the Personnel Committee, expressing their support for this process and their belief in the importance of this ministry staff position. The Personnel Committee, Strategic Vision Committee and Associate Pastor Search Committee have worked on an updated job description that aligns with the church’s strategic vision that incorporates prior duties (pastoral care, adult ministry) with additional responsibilities such as fostering congregational connectedness across generations, seeking the integration of long-term visitors and new members into the life of the congregation, leading in ministry staff collaboration and supervision and encouraging congregational generosity. (Copies of the new Associate Pastor Job Description are available in the church office.)

The Associate Pastor Search Committee conducted their initial meeting on October 26th to begin this important work. In the coming weeks and months, they will be actively seeking the candidate that God has for this position, seeking someone with the unique qualities and capabilities to fulfill this challenging and demanding role.

As this committee embarks on their search, they ask for your prayers and support in this process of discernment.

In Service,

Walt Martin
Chair, Personnel Committee

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