Pastoral Care / Volunteer

How Can I Help? By Pastor Chris

Pastor ChrisFollowing Ernie Forrester’s resignation announcement, many of our church members have been asking, “What will we do?” and “How can I help?”

In response to the first question, we will continue to be a congregation committed to caring. The ministry staff will be taking on some additional responsibilities for visitation. The deacons have renewed their commitment to our Family Deacon Ministry model. Our TouchPoint team will be reaching out with cards, calls and visits. I am pleased to report that Rev. Page Fulgham, a retired pastor in our congregation, has agreed to accept a part-time role as the Interim Minister of Congregational Care during this time of transition, as well.

In response to the second question, I have three specific ways that you can help:

1. Pray—Please be in prayer for our ministers, our deacons and our laity as they accept these additional responsibilities. Please also be in prayer for our search committee as they seek to find the person God is calling to lead and serve as our next Associate Pastor.

2. Volunteer—Our TouchPoint Team is a wonderful new ministry group that commits to send cards, make calls and schedule visits with our members who are homebound or who live in assisted care facilities. Call the church office if you would like to join the team.

3. Care and Share—If you are in the hospital, please make us aware so that we can love and care for you. If you aware of someone else in the hospital or someone who has experienced a health setback, please call the church office and make us aware of the situation.

I am so glad people in our church are asking these important questions and I am absolutely confident that we will continue to be a caring congregation during this time of transition.

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