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Children & Youth Following Up on Commitments

Youth helpingBy Becky Caswell-Speight and Jeremy Colliver

For the first time, last March, the youth and children made commitments to worship, learn, care, serve and give along with the rest of the congregation. Over the last seven months, we have been able to witness these commitments come to life through service.

We have seen 2nd grader Beau Smith go to work with Antowyn on projects around the building. Beau says that he enjoyed caring for his church so much that he hopes to get to help Antowyn once a month.

We have seen 6th grader Madison Catoggio fulfill her pledge by visiting with Ernie those members of our church who are homebound and in nursing homes. Our eldest members and their friends enjoyed visiting with Madison so much that Ernie wasn’t sure that they were going to allow her to leave!

We have seen 5th grader Ainsley Caswell-Speight fulfill her service pledge by painting the nails of refugee children in Clarkston. Ainsley bought and used all of her own supplies in order to bring smiles to her new friends’ faces.

Those are just a few examples of pledges made to serve God and the church.

The children and youth also committed to worship and to learn. On Sundays, the youth go over the commitments that they have made in order to keep track of their progress. The increased numbers on Wednesdays and Sundays are a testament to their commitments made to worship and to learn.

Commitments were also made to give. The children and youth pledged to give and we are seeing them keep their commitments in that area as well. Through gifts to the Passport Mission Offering, Vacation Bible School and $400 in current tithes, the children and youth have already given well beyond their original pledge of $1,000.

Do you remember what commitment you made last March? How have you committed to worship, to learn, to serve and to give? The children led us into our commitment last spring, may they continue to lead us in following through this year.

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