KAIROS Goes to the Arts Station in Stone Mountain

A double bill performed by Bill Oberst, Jr.
Sunday April 3, 2016

The teachings of Jesus and the words of Genesis are the script for a pair of unique dramatic presentations by actor Bill Oberst, Jr., known to ART Station audiences for 13 years for his stage recreation of author Lewis Grizzard. Oberst’s love of the Bible, history and language are on display in both acts with text taken from the Gospels, the Old Testament and the Torah. Oberst brings out the majesty, the humor and most of all, the humanity in this must-see performance.

The Prevost will depart the bus barn parking lot at 2:30pm. Because of the popularity of this show, we must confirm and pay for tickets no later than November 1, 2015. We will begin taking reservations Sunday October 11, 2015 at the welcome center outside the church office. Payment must accompany reservation. Cost per person is $21. Please make check to Smoke Rise Baptist Church with “Arts Station” in the memo line or if cash, exact change please.

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