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World Communion Sunday Oct 4, 2015 Fr. David Tokarz Preaching

world communion sundayWorld Communion Sunday is an ecumenical celebration of the Body of Christ. On this special Sunday, Christians around the country and around the world are reminded that what unites us in Christ is far greater than any of our denominational divides.

The tradition dates to 1933 when the first World Communion Sunday was held at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By 1940, churches across America had begun to observe this occasion.

At Smoke Rise, this year, we are blessed to welcome Father David Tokarz as our guest. Father Tokarz is a former Catholic Educator who has served as the Priest of Our Savior Catholic Church in Mobile, Alabama for ten years. He is a gifted communicator and a wonderful Christian leader.

A few years ago, while I was serving in Alabama, Father Tokarz called and asked me to preach at Our Savior Catholic Church. I was so stunned by his invitation, I responded by saying, “Are you sure this is legal?” After he stopped laughing, he assured me that worship between Baptists and Catholics was not only legal, but actually an important step toward reconciliation.

On Sunday, October 4th, we too will take an important ecumenical step forward by welcoming Father Tokarz to Smoke Rise. Please mark your calendars and make every effort to be present for this special Sunday.

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