Adults / Journeys (Wed PM Program) / Parents / Spiritual Formation

Journeys – Session 3 – Oct 7-21 6pm Wednesdays

Journeys 2015Journeys – Session 3
October 7-21
6–6:45 pm

Hunger in YOUR Community
Since the Great Recession, food insecurity among Americans has significantly increased and continues to remain high, with 1 in 6 people in North Georgia struggling to make ends meet. It is hard to solve this challenge without understanding who is hungry, where they live and why they are hungry. Join Alexis Weaver of the Atlanta Community Food Bank in a discussion about opportunities to better understand and serve our neighbors living with hunger.
October 7th in the Fellowship Hall

The Nature of the Jewish Scriptures
Rabbi Ronald Bluming will do an overview of the Jewish perspective on the Hebrew prophets and the books that are known as the “writings.” Do Jews believe the prophets predicted the future? What’s up with those crazy symbols in Ezekiel and the weird behavior of some of the prophets? Is Song of Solomon a love story or a metaphor? How did the Jews use the Psalms? The Rabbi will explore these questions and more in two sessions in Fellowship Hall.

October 14th – The Prophets
October 21st – The Writings
The Fellowship Hall

Parenting: Sharing Our Stories
Three sets of seasoned parents who have raised a family will spend an evening sharing with young parents who are in the midst of this important life journey.

October 7 – Chris & Amy Allison
October 14 – Ernie Forrester
October 21 – Brian & Donna Weatherby
The Library

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