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Seeds Planted Years Ago Bearing Fruit Right Now: Ernie Forrester

Hand Planting SeedsBy Ernie Forrester
Associate Pastor

Every now and then I think it is good to hear a first hand account of the impact Smoke Rise has had over the years. Recently, I received this text from a former SRBC student:

“Reading my bible this morning that was given to me by Smoke Rise when I graduated. 12 years of my journey with God has been with this Bible. I love it! There is highlighter, pen and coffee all over its pages. well-used-bibleThe binding is falling apart. I will have it rebound! Thanks for giving graduating seniors the best gift they could have to guide them through life…the word of God. Tell the folks at Smoke Rise that the seeds planted 12-20 years ago are bearing fruit right now! Tell them to keep doing the work of the Kingdom – starts like a mustard seed & becomes the biggest tree in the garden. Planting the mustard seed seems small…not real exciting…until you see what it becomes. Don’t grow weary doing the work of the Kingdom…the fruit always comes!”

I hope everyone who reads this feels as blessed as I do!

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