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Pastor Chris: At Smoke Rise Baptist Church, We Care.

HowWeCareby Chris George

On August 2nd, we listened to the powerful stories of three Smoke Rise members who had been touched by this loving and caring community of faith. On behalf of the entire church family, I want to extend special thanks to Nita Mitchell, Chris Raffield and Rebekah Edmonds.

Tears were shed, not only in our pulpit, but also in pews throughout the sanctuary. It was beautiful and touching to watch our congregation embrace a new commitment.

At Smoke Rise Baptist Church, We Care.

C99A82DB-17FE-498E-9130-807B4A02AECCWe extend a healing touch to the hurting. We extend a helping hand to those who are in need. We offer a listening ear and a loving heart. We offer support to those who are struggling to stand and a shoulder for those who simply need to cry. Care is a part of our congregational DNA.

We care because it is part of our calling as Christians. We are commissioned to do more than simply embrace a set of doctrines or dogma. We are called to embody a way of living and a way of loving one another.

Chris-RaffieldIn our technologically connected culture, there are still many people who struggle with loneliness. Typing on a keyboard will never replace human touch. When someone is in the hospital, they don’t need an internet connection, they need compassion and care. A visit or a phone call or a card can transform someone’s day. We cannot stop all the hurting or solve all the problems, but we can stand beside those who are suffering and show our support.

We commit to care for one another and for our community.

It is what we do. It is who we are.

It is what it means to be a member of Smoke Rise Baptist Church.Rebekah-Edmonds

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