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Japan Trip Mission Impact

japan conversationsLess than one percent of the Japan population is Christian but God is still at work. We are just now getting some of the results from our youth Music & Missions trip to Japan. A tradition in Japanese worship is for the congregation to fill out a response card reflecting their feelings regarding that particular service. Below are some of the responses in their own words. These are from the church in Hiroshima. See how God is working in their hearts:

“I felt warmth. For me it is the first time to hear the gospel. I was interesting this concert, because the member comes from U.S.A… I always walk in the front of this church. This is the first time to enter the church. I felt kindness.”

“I was impressed very much. I could not understand English, but there was the thing which affected my heart. I almost cried many times when I heard songs. I thought that it is wonderful there is a world we can touch with heart each other through songs. I am very happy to come here today.”

“My heart became gentle. Thank you for the fantastic time you given me. The blessing of God is on your member, on Smoke Rise Church.”

“I praised the name of God. I knew that each member speak the testimony with the living faith. I wish the peace of God spread all over the world.”

“It is very good that you have visited the peace memorial museum before concert. I hope the people on the world come to Hiroshima to know what was happened in 70 years ago. I hope a peace in the earth.”

Professions of faith are very rare in Japan but we heard that one person in this church made a profession and one in another church in Tokyo did the same.

“Wanted to give you an exciting update you can share with folks around the church. We got an email from Harima Sensei at Hiroshima Baptist today and he shared that someone who came to the concert has made a decision to follow Christ! We don’t know the person’s story, whether they had come before or if it was their first time, but do know about their faith decision. They will go through a church school process and be baptized in September!… We thought you and others would like to know this. It’s so cool to see the impact that the team had here continue beyond the trip…” Carson and Laura [Foushee]

What a great privilege it was to bring the Gospel to these people. Let us all continue to support the work God is doing there through our missionaries Carson and Laura Foushee.

One thought on “Japan Trip Mission Impact

  1. Our youth are amazing kids! I am so greatful to Jeremy, Justin, Danny, Heather, Kim and the many others who lead them and love them so well! If you don’t get to spend a lot of time with these kids chat with Jeremy to see how you can. These kids are changing the world

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