Journeys (Wed PM Program) / Spiritual Formation

Journeys – Fall 2015 Wednesdays 6–6:45pm

Session 1

Journeys 2015Pastor Chris’ Bible Study: One Chapter Books of the Bible
August 19th – Obadiah
August 26th – Philemon
September 2nd – Jude
Fellowship Hall

Gardening Tips by Laura Colliver
August 19th – Composting
August 26th – Planting for cool weather
Room 223

Talk Time
Talk Time is an informal gathering place for young parents to come together and enjoy discussions about current issues, parenting and married life.
August 19th, 26th and September 2nd in The Library

Help for Better Hearing
Learn more about the causes of hearing loss and what can be done about it from John Schellman, a specialist with the NUEAR Hearing Center in Tucker. John will be doing free hearing screenings beginning at 4pm and will hold an information session at 6pm.
September 2nd in room 223

Session 2

What the Bible Teaches About the Afterlife – An Introduction
Most every person, especially Christians, have asked questions such as, “What happens after death?” “What is heaven like, what is hell, and where is it?” The Bible says more about heaven than it does about hell. Jesus centers his teachings on this present life and speaks sparingly about the afterlife.

This will be a study held on Sunday mornings that will focus on the biblical materials starting with the Old Testament and the Jewish view of afterlife. Next, we will study the teachings of John, Paul and Matthew. The first session, an overview and introduction to the study, will be on Wednesday night, September 9th in the Fellowship Hall. The remainder of the six sessions will be taught on Sunday mornings during the Sunday school hour starting on September 27th and ending November 8th. This is a pull-out time from your regular Sunday school classes.

To sign up for the Sunday morning course, contact Page Fulgham ( or Kathy Dobbins (

Talk Time: Book Discussion
Talk Time is a gathering place for young parents to come together and enjoy discussions about current issues, parenting and married life. In Session 2 of Journeys, Talk Time will feature a discussion of The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, led by Joe Moore. The story grapples with faith and the ways the world can test that faith.
September 9th, 16th and 30th in The Library

“We’ve a Story to Tell” Series:

Japan Mission Trip Report
Some of the youth and adults who went on the Music and Missions Trip to Japan this past summer will share pictures and stories of their experience.
September 16th in the Fellowship Hall

Sharing Your Stories: An Evening with Storyteller, Actress and Educator, Carol Cain
Storyteller and educator Carol Cain will tell stories of growing up in a big family in the small town of Hogansville, Georgia and then lead some brainstorming activities to help those in attendance find their own stories to share. Using the model Carol learned from nationally-known storyteller Donald Davis, participants will explore people and places of their past and uncover the stories that can be shared with family and friends. This will be a fun evening for all ages and will give you lots to talk about on the way home! Carol began storytelling over twenty five years ago, entertaining audiences at the LaGrange Memorial Library’s summer story hour. Since then, Carol has continued to tell stories for audiences at libraries, museums, churches and schools throughout Georgia and the southeast. For the past ten years, she has been the emcee at the Azalea Storytelling Festival in LaGrange and was a featured teller for the 2015 festival in March.
September 23rd in the Fellowship Hall

Lost Boys of Sudan
Thousands of children experienced the horrors and intense hardships due to the civil war that broke out in Sudan in the mid-80’s. They have been dubbed the Lost Boys of Sudan. Some now live in the Atlanta area. We’ll hear their compelling story.
September 30th in the Fellowship Hall

Session 3

The Nature of the Jewish Scriptures
Rabbi Ronald Bluming will do an overview of the Jewish perspective on the Hebrew prophets and the books that are known as the “writings.” Do Jews believe the prophets predicted the future? What’s up with those crazy symbols in Ezekiel and the weird behavior of some of the prophets? Is Song of Solomon a love story or a metaphor? How did the Jews use the Psalms? The Rabbi will explore these questions and more in two sessions in the Fellowship Hall:
October 7th – The Prophets
October 14th – The Writings

Hunger in YOUR Community
Since the Great Recession, food insecurity among Americans has significantly increased and continues to remain high, with 1 in 6 people in North Georgia struggling to make ends meet. It is hard to solve this challenge without understanding who is hungry, where they live and why they are hungry. Join Alexis Weaver of the Atlanta Community Food Bank in a discussion about opportunities to better understand and serve our neighbors living with hunger.
October 21st in the Fellowship Hall

Parenting: Sharing our Stories
“Seasoned” parents who have raised a family will spend an evening sharing with young parents who are in the midst of this important life process.
October 7th – Chris & Amy Allison
October 14th – Ernie Forrester
October 21st – TBA
The Library

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