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Strategic Vision Committee Update: by Richard Swindle

binoculars-solid-state-home_med_hr 2The Strategic Vision Committee is charged to design and implement a process which will examine virtually every activity and function of the church, and subsequently make recommendations to the congregation regarding where the church’s time and energy should best be invested for the future. This process is essentially a long-term planning effort, looking ahead three to five years.

The goal is to know what we are currently doing, evaluate these programs and activities and determine how we can best move the church to the next phase of its life and ministry. Churches are changing very quickly as the culture around them changes, and our goal is to respond to these changes in thoughtful and effective ways.

The committee includes 12 members, who will evaluate the following broad areas of church life:

                  1. Stewardship
                  2. Missions
                  3. Discipleship:  Spiritual Formation and Worship
                  4. Communications
                  5. Facilities
                  6. Connecting the Generations

The Strategic Vision Committee is committed to listening to the voices of all those who have a stake in the future of the church. There will be church-wide listening sessions and surveys in order to assess what people are thinking. Also, this committee will meet with every active church committee and with all church staff.

The committee has started work and commits to keep the congregation informed throughout the process. We covet your prayers and consider our task to be both a great responsibility and a great honor.

one_right_way_to_go_800_clr_7119-RedThe committee members are:

Charlene Echols                                     Joel McLendon
Greg Everett                                           Elnor Melton
Colin Harris                                            Teri Moore
Heather Huff                                          Katie Tankersley
Ryan Jowers                                           Laura Willis
Walter Martin                                        Richard Swindle (Chair)

If you have any questions, please contact any of these individuals.

One thought on “Strategic Vision Committee Update: by Richard Swindle

  1. Interview those who have left and not moved away to join other churches to find out what they didn’t find at SRBC. Also, talk to the churches in our area that are growing (and some are) to find out what they are doing that we are not.

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