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Ministry Happened in Japan

When members of Smoke Rise Baptist Church go on mission, we go to be the presence of Christ. What we find when we go on mission, is that we join the presence of Christ that is already there. Nine high school youth and six adults made up the Music and Mission Team from Smoke Rise and joined in ministry with Laura and Carson Foushee for 14 days in Japan. Ministry happened, not because we brought anything special, ministry happened because we joined in ministry that was already happening.

Here are some reflections from the team journal while in Japan:

Emily and Japan Friend“Japan is so beautiful, peaceful and clean. I have been so impressed by how generous and welcoming the Japanese people are. Especially the members of Kanazawa Baptist Church. They welcomed us with wide arms. Most of them only understood a little English but they all wanted to socialize and smile.”
-Emily Owen

Japan-Trip-73“The longer we stay in Japan the more I want to return here to help Carson and Laura with their mission. The other day we heard about how many people in Japan are depressed and not treated properly for it. This really touched me and I felt like God was calling me to help them.” -Katie Curlee

Spencer and Japanese Man“Each and every day has presented us a reason to be happy and grateful for this experience. Whether it’s seeing the reactions to our concerts, new friends, shopping, sightseeing or even just playing with the kids outside, the undeniable joy is ever present. This trip has changed my life and I hope the same goes for everyone else.” -Spencer Decuir
Alex Burton
“Throughout this trip Jeremy has asked us how we saw God that day. How I have seen God on this trip is through our interactions with the people we have met, both Christian and non-Christian.” -Alex Burton

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessing of partnership. As I’ve witnessed dear friends from both the US & Japan join together to share the love of Christ, I’ve been reminded that we are never in this alone.” – Laura Foushee
Japan Trip Large Group

We have many more stories to tell, but none as important as the story of the love of Jesus Christ that we got to share and experience while being the presence of Christ in Japan. When you see us around church, stop us and ask us about our journey, we will be more than happy to share our experiences with you.

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