A House in Tijuana: July 18-25 Tijuana Mission Trip

house-from-this-to-thisCarmen Mendez is a 74 year old widow living in a shack in Tijuana, Mexico. Smoke Rise Baptist Church will provide the funds ($3,500) and the Smoke Rise Mission Team will provide the labor to build Ms. Mendez a house. She is very active in the ministry of Centro Shalom and is in great need, which are prerequisites for becoming the owner of this house. It will be a small house with a living area, a bedroom area, perhaps a small bathroom, and will be painted green with red trim like the other houses built by mission teams.

In addition to building a house, the Team will lead the children in Vacation Bible School, distribute clean water and food to people in need and lead the congregation in worship at Centro Shalom. Please pray for the following team members who will be serving in Tijuana, July 18-25: Chris Allison, Karen Bates, Carter Danishek, Mike Danishek, Josh Denton, Charlene Echols, Wilson Echols, Gary Prophitt, Margaret-Anne Prophitt, Andrew Rankin, Abigail Roberson, Hannah Roberson, Ashley Wood, Lynn Wood and Tim Adcox.

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