NY Mission Team and a Roof Top Garden

Metro Baptist Church Roof Top GardenDo you remember what happened on Day 3 in the creation story? God created the land and said, “Let the earth produce all kinds of plants.” (Genesis 1:9-13) Our New York Mission Team has the theme of “Mad Scientist” for Day Camp in Manhattan and Brooklyn this summer, looking at the 6 days of creation. Our Team will focus on Day 3 of God’s creation.

Metro Baptist Church in Manhattan has a roof top garden. In keeping with the theme, the inner city children of “Hell’s Kitchen” and Brooklyn will experience first-hand how plants grow in this beautiful roof top garden.

Please pray for our Mission Team, July 11-18: Bobbie Jo Barton, Neal Barton, Jeffery Dice, Graham Felton, Lynne Felton, Kharis Idom, Cody Kicklighter, Katie Kicklighter, Reno Lowder, Valerie Lowder, Kayla Marks, Megan Marks, Todd Marks, Whitney Calhoun Marks, Tony Nicholson, Allen Shaw, Aloyce Shaw, Lenell Sikes, BethAnne Van de Voort and Tim Adcox

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