SRBC Heritage Room

Heritage Room ShovelsOur 40th anniversary celebration in September of 2009 was a very special and exciting event. Since then, we have wanted a special place for our artifacts and keepsakes to be displayed in one room. The conference room (on the floor below the sanctuary and across from the missions office) had ample space for this, and by adding an old cabinet and some shelving, the Conference/Heritage Room has been completed.

The Heritage Room has photos of the first sanctuary, which is now the chapel, the educational building, the building of our present sanctuary today and the activities building among other photos. There are three invaluable black notebooks with the first bulletins, CrossTie Newsletters, photos and many other memories. Don’t miss the green 1981 notebook, an interesting record of our first Wednesday night dinners.

The lovely wooden box in the cabinet holds the time capsule that was written in September of 1979 and was opened in September 1989 at our 20th anniversary celebration. The box holds other items of interest, such as the first scrapbook, a child’s drawing, pictures of children’s Sunday school classes and other interesting items.

Plaques indicating the contributions that Smoke Rise has given to the GA Baptist Children’s Home, the Atlanta Baptist Association and many other plaques and certificates are displayed throughout the room, as well.

On the walls are the photo of our charter members celebrating our 25th anniversary and our 40th anniversary and the two framed pictures of their signatures. There are portraits of our three former pastors and there will soon be a portrait of our current pastor, Dr. Chris George!

The Heritage Room is our beginning, our present and our future, and it is yours to enjoy and visit. Please stop by and take a look around the next time you are at church!


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